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MAP for Students

MAP for Parents

What is MAP?

MAP stands for "Measures of Academic Progress." It is a two part test covering Reading and Math. Using a computer, your child will take MAPs in the fall, winter, and again in the spring.

What does it do?

You may have a chart in your home on which you mark your child’s height at certain times - such as his/her birthday. This is a growth chart. It shows how your child has grown from one year to the next.

MAP does the same sort of thing, except that it measures how your child has grown in Reading and Math skills.

Understanding Test Items and Reports

What is a “RIT?”
The RIT Scale is a curriculum scale that uses individual item difficulty values to estimate student achievement. RIT scales, like scales underlying most educational tests, are built from data about the performance of individual examinees on individual items.

The theory governing scale construction is called Item Response Theory (IRT). NWEA uses a specific IRT model conceived by Danish mathematician, Georg Rasch, (1901-1980). Rasch is best known for his contributions to psychometrics, and his model is used extensively in assessment in education, particularly for skill attainment and cognitive assessments.

Characteristics of the RIT Scale include:

  • It is an achievement scale.
  • It is an accurate scale.
  • It is an equal interval scale.
  • It helps to measure growth over time.
  • It has the same meaning regardless of grade or age of the student.

You can view sample problems (based on RIT range) and student reports by clicking on the links below:

Resources for Parents

Parent Toolkit - A Parent's guide to NWEA MAP Assessment

Commonly Used Terms - This tool will familiarize parents with MAP terms used by teachers and administrators

MAP Strategies - Parent guide to help students improve reading, writing and math skills

Test Day Tips for Parents - Parent guide to help students improve reading, writing and math skills

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